5 Days to Love Your Life after Loss!

Free Virtual Workshop for Grievers identifying as Women

March 21-25, 2021
at 1 PM EST


This Workshop is for you if...

✓ You identify as a grieving woman.

✓ You ask yourself, ‘What’s Next?’ ‘Who am I?’  

✓ You don’t like who you’re becoming, but can’t find your way back to who you were.

✓ You’re struggling with physical health issues.

✓ You’re overwhelmed 

✓ You feel lostalone, and unmotivated.

✓ Your relationships are suffering.

I know what you are feeling. My name is Michelle and I am a grieving woman who was sitting where you are right now.  After the death of my son I lost who I was and starting becoming a person I didn’t like nor recognize.  It was a dark and heavy time & there is hope.

This workshop is the glimmer of hope you’ve been praying for.

I’m a one-of-a-kind certified holistic life coach.  As a grieving mom with professional training I will guide you on your path to transform your grief.


5 Part LIVE Video Training Series

- Give yourself permission to say YES to you
- Learn how to stand in your power & honor your grief
- Unlearn a lifetime of conditioned beliefs

Intimate & Deep Experience:

- Receive feedback during LIVE trainings and throughout the week from Michelle and her team.
- Meet grievers identifying as women who just 'get you'.


Step-by-Step Workbook:

- Free PDF workbook to empower you each day
- Make note-taking easy
- Simple action steps each day so you can see changes now!

Empowering Support Group:

- Lifetime access to an intimate & empowering support group
- Meet other people identifying as women like you and build long-lasting relationships

What others are saying...

Meet Michelle Vande Hey

I never thought I would suffer from depression, let alone, anxiety, and PTSD. After losing my son when he was 12 weeks old, I was in denial about my mental health.

I had to accept my new reality, allow myself to express my feelings , and finally humble myself to ask for help. I knew I couldn’t get out of the darkness alone.

It took time; it took perseverance. It was worth it. I was divinely guided to my mission to empower grieving women to know their self-worth, embrace their spiritual gifts and use them to influence social change for themselves and others around the world. 

Together we can co-create a more inclusive, peaceful, and prosperous world.  It starts with loving yourself enough to say yes to taking care of yourself first.

Michelle Vande Hey - sparkler
GAHP-certification-psych c2

Feel Loved. Be Empowered.
Know Your Worth.

During this Transformational Workshop, I will share my journey and guide you on the path of what I did and coach my clients to do to reclaim their identity.

It’s Time to Break Free! Break free from the darkness of depression and become the woman you are meant to be.


What others are saying about Michelle...

Michelle's 5 Day Workshop was everything I expected and more! It put me on a healing journey and I am forever thankful. It also helped me connect with other mamas who know my pain and understand me.

Becca H.

Thank you so much, Michelle! You are so strong, such a powerful woman. It's awesome to be inspired. I have tried other groups and they are so depressing. I'm an empath, so I just ended up feeling so awful after reading and talking to people. I'm so thankful to be part of something positive. As my medium told me, I am to be a healer throughout my journey, but the first place I need to start with is myself. You are so inspiring! I'm glad we've crossed paths.