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Live with Peace, Freedom, & Joy Changemaker!

If you’re a changemaker, chances are you’ve probably experienced a traumatic life event that may have been a catalyst for change in you. You have a whole new lens you’re seeing and experiencing life through and you’re on a mission to make the world a better place.  

Because of your big heart and big mission you may be neglecting your own needs. This shows up as exhaustion, irritability with friends, family, and coworkers and maybe even losing yourself.

As a changemaker, you tend to take care of everyone else first and give yourself whatever you have left.  This can be harmful to not just you, but everyone around you. This needs to change!

Yes, your mission is important AND you are too!

You create massive change when YOU are flourishing.

As a leader and changemaker, you are your mission’s biggest asset. Your needs and health need to be of the highest priority in order for your mission to flourish.

The quality and nourishment of your life, your relationships, your mental, emotional, and physical health directly effects the impact of your mission.

You need to start with loving yourself!  When you do, I promise you will have better relationships, feel more energized and create lasting change!   

Take my hand and let me help you. I am a one-of-a-kind personal empowerment coach. I will guide you with my unique perspective as an intersex person and bereaved parent along with my professional training as a certified holistic life coach.

You are worth it!

Self-Love Ascension. Sparking Joy. Influencing Change.

My Story

I never thought I would suffer from depression, let alone, anxiety, and PTSD. After losing my son when he was 12 weeks old, I was in denial about my mental health.

I was lost in my own life. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted from life anymore. I was in complete survival mode and did not like the person I was becoming.

I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, but I couldn’t because I was exhausted, angry, and sad.

Once I realized that taking care of everyone else first and giving myself what was leftover was keeping me stuck in survival mode my transformation began.

I shifted my mindset to know my self-worth, which allowed me to embrace my spiritual gifts so I could then influence social change for myself and others around the world.

Creating change started with investing in my health and wellbeing. 

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GAHP-certification-psych c2






Client Success Stories

Thank you, Michelle for reawakening my childlike playfulness and helping me up-level my Joy!
~ Barbara M.

I was feeling lost and I needed help. I tried to do it on my own and let excuses get in the way. Michelle was an angel for me. Now I put myself first! I am actually achieving what I want to do. I needed that accountability.

~ Claudia F.

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